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Diploma of Advanced Studies Work+Health (en)

Work exposes you and your employees to numerous demands and health hazards – but at the same time provides an array of health-promoting resources. Addressing both requires an understanding of individuals and the physiological, psychological, and social aspects that are influenced by management practices and the broader organizational and societal context.

The Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) Work+Health 2016-18 is an interdisciplinary postgraduate program with specialization in Occupational Medicine, Occupational Hygiene or Organizational Health Development. It is provided by the University of Zurich and the University of Lausanne, as the only interdisciplinary federal program in Switzerland to train the future work and health specialists. 

This program aims to introduce you to the current and future health needs of the working population as well as training practical skills to prevent work-related health problems and promote positive health at work. Over two years, you learn and practice together with your colleagues from all three specializations, to become an acknowledged work and health specialist. DAS Work+Health comprises eight common modules, four to five specialization modules and a concluding interdisciplinary group project.

Therefore, the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) Work+Health 2016-18 may offer the training you or your employees might be looking for to prevent occupational hazards and to promote health at the workplace.

Please check out the
flyer or brochure of the program for a quick and clear overview of the modules’ topics and dates.

Full details concerning the program and application can be found on our website:

The 2016-2018 program will start on February 29th 2016. Registrations are open until January 10th 2016 and can be found here: Application Form

We look forward to welcoming you in the next DAS Work+Health 2016-18 program. Should you like to further discuss about the program, you may contact Sven Hoffmann, program manager: or +41 44 634 63 89.

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